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Curtis Pugh
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 9:28 am    Post subject: ROMANIA MISSION REPORT / OKLAHOMA MISSION REPORT Reply with quote

Grace Bible Baptist Church, 26080 Wax Road, Denham Springs, LA 70726
Curtis Pugh, 505 Nanih Waiya Lane, Poteau, OK 74953
Jerry Dodson Sr.,
Curtis Pugh,
Raul Enyedi,

Friday, July 08, 2011

Dear Pastors and Churches,

This month, I will introduce to you, Zaharia Fisteag, from Globu Craiovei, a village near us. Zaharia (zah hah REE ah = Zechariah) is 31 years old and single. He works on his family’s farm and also keeps honey bees. He was baptized last August. He is the only sovereign grace believer in his village. In spite of much opposition, he remains strong and faithful. He would appreciate your prayers for his family and village, for a good testimony and open doors for the Gospel there. He recently started a blog, by which he hopes to be a testimony even beyond his area. The address is:

VISA: July 5th was my appointment at the US Consulate in Bucharest for a visa interview. Grace Baptist Church of Winston Salem, NC, invited me to their September conference. Three times before I applied for a visa, but was rejected. This time, however, I was approved and they issued me a visa for the States. I greatly rejoice for the opportunity of meeting Lord’s churches and people face to face. I appreciate your prayers for this matter. The Lord answered them.

VAN: The van is now fixed and running, though, as I write, we have not yet covered all the expenses for it. We are very thankful to the Lord that it was not a major breakdown in the automatic transmission. We also wish to thank all the churches that sent extra money to help with the repair cost. The van is an indispensable tool in the mission work, and we rejoice having it working again.

TRIPS: We made one mission trip to Filiasi since we got the van back. We plan to make a trip to Arad county (2 hours north of us), to an elderly brother who invited us there. He is wheelchair bound, after both his legs were amputated. He greatly rejoiced reading our literature brought to him by a nephew from Timisoara. I told him what we believe regarding the doctrines of grace and church truth, and he told me that he thought he was the only one to believe these doctrines, and was so glad to see there are others. He invited us there and he asked me to preach his funeral, in case we can’t make it before he passes away. Please pray for this brother.

GETTING AQUAINTED WITH ROMANIA: In addition to the common holidays, each community in Romania has its own celebration on the day of the patron saint of the community. In our area, they call this “ruga” [ROO-gah], which means prayer, though it has nothing spiritual in it. The day is celebrated like a carnival, with music, dances and parades. All this is going on under the blessing of the priests and the respective patron saint (which in many instances is an ancient god with the name changed). The Baptist Union Baptists used to be separate and take no part in such festivities, but in more recent years, they began to have special services on those days, saying that there is nothing wrong in going “to the Lord’s house” [church] at every opportunity. Someone said once about the Romanian Baptists: “every Baptist is an Orthodox in his heart”. While we still believe that there is a faithful remnant, we fear that the man who said that was right.

Thank you all for your financial help and your prayers for us!
Bro. Raul

Dear Ones,

Greetings from Oklahoma! We cease not to pray for you all daily. We live in perilous times spiritually as well as in other ways as well (2 Tim. 3:1). I have never been so aware of the departure from the truth in professing Christendom as now. I see it all around and am doing all I can to spread the truth. My paid articles in the local papers continue to stir interest. From most “ordinary folks” I get compliments, but the local pastors voice their disagreement with about all I write.

MEDICAL: I have had and am scheduled to have in the future some medical tests as the doctors continue to try to determine what is wrong with me. I am diagnosed with myleodisplastic syndrome which, depending on what doctor you talk with either is or is not technically a kind of leukemia. Last Friday, once again, I had to go to the hospital for 2 units of blood. It is a beautiful drive across the Winding Stair Mountains to Talihina, but much of the way there is no cellular phone service. If I breakdown of have a flat, etc., I cannot call for help, so as you pray, be mindful of this, please.

Janet continues the same. Her vital signs are good as is her color. The nursing home folk seem to take good care of her. I thank God for this! Her skin condition is good with no bed sores. From time to time she has some infection for whatever reason. So far antibiotics have been successful against these. The only pain she seems to suffer is when, several times each day, she has to “cough” up mucus. The trache causes her great pain and she shows it in her facial color and expressions. It is hard for me to see her this way, but God is good and is accomplishing His wise plan in our lives!

RAUL’S VISIT: As Bro. Raul mentioned in his part of this letter, he has obtained a visa allowing him to visit the U.S. for a few months. However, every foreign visitor legally coming to the U.S. is subject to scrutiny by the Homeland Security folk at the airport when he arrives. So please continue to pray! They can turn a person with a visa around and send them back home, giving no reason. After the conference to which Raul has been invited is over, he will be available to preach and tell about the work in other Churches. I will be trying to work out a schedule for him that does not involve unnecessary criss-crossing of the country. Pastors, I believe Bro. Raul will be a real blessing to your Churches if you can have him.

I had planned on writing much more, but space forbids it. I thank you all for your interest and financial support, but especially your “helping together by prayer for us” (2 Cor. 1:11). You all are an integral part of our mission work as you help both by giving and by prayer! THANK YOU! Please continue to pray for all aspects of our efforts to spread the truth of God’s Word. Your cards, e-mails, and phone calls are greatly appreciated too, as they are an encouragement!

In the cause of God and truth,
Curtis Pugh
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