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Curtis Pugh
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Joined: 06 Aug 2006
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Location: Bocsa, Romania

PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:14 am    Post subject: ROMANIA MISSION REPORT / OKLAHOMA MISSION REPORT Reply with quote

ROMANIA MISSIONSGrace Bible Baptist Church, 26080 Wax Road, Denham Springs, LA 70726
Curtis Pugh, 505 Nanih Waiya Lane, Poteau, OK 74953
Jerry Dodson Sr.,
Curtis Pugh,
Raul Enyedi,

Prayer letter for March 2011
Dear Pastors and Churches,

The member I shall introduce this month is Lili [Lilly] Vladu, from Rosiori [Rou-she-or’], the wife of George, whom I introduced last month. She was received into the membership of our Church by baptism in July, 2009. She and George have three children: Cristi (1Cool, Andreea (16) and Daniel (11). She currently works as an accountant and puts in many hours of work. She would appreciate our prayers for her spiritual growth and her family’s, for having a good testimony in her town and more people added to their study group there. We should also pray for the success of an upcoming surgery for varicose veins.

The Church meetings in Bocsa, Filiasi, and Rosiori are going well. We all met once in Filiasi this past month and had a great time of fellowship and service. This month we plan a two day visit to Rosiori. Brothers from Filiasi will come, too, as well as the brother and the sister from Eastern Romania who asked for baptism. We would appreciate your prayers for this trip. We will also make a special trip to Cluj, where we will minister the Word to some people and pick up the books (The Reformers And Their Stepchildren) from the printing house.

Regarding the literature work, Verduin’s book is ready, we just need to go pick it up and pay for it. This past month we reprinted two titles: The Ecumenical Movement (an updated edition) and the Gospel tract The Way to Eternal Life. We have the conference DVD ready for distribution which includes the video and audio sermons. The printed materials will be ready this month. We shall also put out a new literature catalogue this month, listing the titles we have available.

Regarding our International Gospel Project, we now have two articles available in Hungarian. We pray that the Lord will bless them, as the Hungarians are also the most sizeable minority group in Romania. We already have some feedback regarding the materials posted on the ‘Net in these various languages.

Getting acquainted with Romania: On the first day of March, Romanian women receive a little gift in honor of the coming of Spring. This is an amulet (like a flower or an animal, etc.) with a white and red braided ribbon. The amulet is called Martisor [Mahr-tzee-shor]. Women wear it for the whole month. This custom dates back to Roman days, when they celebrated the new year on the first of March, and symbolized apparently Mars, the Roman god of war, fertility and vegetation. Today it is observed merely as a social holiday, nothing religious is attached to it.

I wish to thank all of you for your financial support and most of all for your prayers! Thank you very much.
Brother Raul

Hello to All of You!
Literature Boom: I continue to be excitedly thankful to the Lord for what He is doing in Romania through the literature that we produce. This first quarter of 2011 saw us receiving requests for and sending out more than 10,000 pieces of literature. This is more than we have provided in any first-quarter prior to this time. Praise the Lord, and Thank you all for your part in this important work!

Bibles: A source has been made available to us to obtain free of charge a whole skid load of Bibles. A trip to the northern part of Romania will be necessary to get them, but as we are often receiving requests for Bibles, this is a real opportunity for us. They will be a heavy load for the van, but we think such a trip is warranted.

Oklahoma News: Now that Janet is in the nursing home, I am getting a little bit more organized, but still have not conquered getting all the housework done. I do what I can from my wheelchair, but cooking, washing dishes and keeping up with the laundry takes lots of time and energy. Then there are other things, like cleaning, vacuuming, etc. I admire you ladies who do such a masterful job at keeping up with these chores!

It is a 15 mile trip from our house to Spiro, OK where Janet is. I have been able, so far, to visit her every day except for three days when I was sick myself. The nursing home is small, family owned, and I believe they are doing a good job caring for her. She is making tiny improvements in alertness day by day. One experienced nurse there said, “I don’t want to raise false hopes, but something is going on.” We know that God is in control and that He will accomplish His will in Janet’s life. We do appreciate your prayers, cards, phone calls, e-mails and financial help. THANK YOU!

I continue with literature distribution to individuals both personally and occasionally by mail. I am attending the Choctaw Senior Citizens dinners each Wednesday and making new contacts there as well as renewing contact with old family friends – some of whom have known me since childhood. I have started putting short articles in the local newspapers again. One SBC pastor phoned me up this week. His people were upset about an article I had put in the paper where I quoted some pointed statements from Romans chapter 9. I don’t know what he will say, of course, but he is going to preach on the passage this next Sunday morning. Who knows what God will do!

Dear Friends, we do thank you, Raul, Aurel, Miriam and I, for your faithful support of both the Romanian work and the small efforts I am trying to make here in Poteau. I am convinced that the faithfulness of the workers in Romania in preaching and providing sound Baptist literature is blessed of the Lord and is bearing fruit – slowly – the kind of fruit that lasts. Please continue praying for all of us and help us as God enables you!
In the cause of God and truth, Curtis Pugh
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