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Curtis Pugh
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:39 am    Post subject: ROMANIA / OKLAHOMA MISSION REPORT Reply with quote

Grace Bible Baptist Church, 26080 Wax Road, Denham Springs, LA 70726
Curtis Pugh, 505 Nanih Waiya Lane, Poteau, OK 74953
Jerry Dodson Sr.,
Curtis Pugh,
Raul Enyedi,

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Starting with this month I would like to introduce to you one member of our church in each prayer letter. By this I hope you will be better acquainted with the work here and its prayer needs. I will start with the oldest member of the church, Nicolae Fundeanu, or Brother Nicu (NEE-koo) as we call him, from Filiasi. He will turn 66 this spring. His retirement and about 20 goats are his family’s main source of income. For years he hosted our meetings in his simple home. He is one of the main distributors of our literature, having gone by train and by foot to more than 100 cities, towns and villages in Romania. The Lord saved him in 2003 after a family tragedy. His 26 year old daughter was murdered. The family is still affected by what happened then. Please pray for his health and for his family. (His wife comes to our church, but does not profess to be saved; his oldest son was baptized but just before our church was organized he asked to be excluded. That was another blow for Brother Nicu – but he remains faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ). We would appreciate your prayers for him and his family.

Also, I would like to present from time to time some customs and peculiarities of the Romanian people, hoping that this will give you a better understanding of the context in which we labor. Since the last major event was the New Year celebration, I will speak a little about it. On New Year’s Eve children and young people go caroling. Romania was literally covered with carolers this New Years. Romanian Orthodox people still observe the ancient pagan customs of the native tribes of this land. Among the best preserved rituals which the carolers perform are some ancient agrarian fertility carols and masked plays involving animals like the goat and the bear. These two animals are thought to have magic powers and the carolers sing songs and make wishes of prosperity and fertility. The common people and even the officials of the Orthodox Church brag about the antiquity of these traditions, freely admitting their pagan origin. The Romanian evangelicals are in many respects no different than the Orthodox, keeping their holidays and imitating their customs. They condemn us independent sovereign grace Baptists for staying separate and refusing to have a part in this paganism, but in spite of this more and more people are coming to see the truth and break free from the bonds of paganism. God is using our preaching and our literature in helping these pagans leave their idolatrous practices.

The literature work is going on well. The figures for the year 2010 show that we distributed 33,575 copies of literature and printed 27,500 (some was on hand from the previous year). Also this total includes Bibles and New Testaments which we give away to interested persons. This year we hope to be able to increase the printing even more. The first project for 2011 is The Trail of Blood, which is ready to go. Verduin’s book, The Reformers and their Stepchildren has been sent to the printing house. After they format it, we will check it over once more and then it will be printed.

The meetings of the church and the mission trips are continuing. We had several visitors beside the usual ones both in Bocsa and Filiasi. The church conference is approaching and we ask you to pray for it and for all those who will attend. This is the annual men’s conference which is a time of in-depth teaching on important subjects.

Thank you all for your interest, your financial support and most importantly your prayers!

Bro Raul

Hello from Oklahoma! We are praising the Lord for what is going on in Romania and many other countries around the world as our Romanian language literature goes out without cost to interested persons. The Gospel is being proclaimed in word and in print! This is a part of carrying out the Lord’s Great Commission to His Churches! Thank you all for your faithful support of this important work.

Here in Oklahoma we continue seeking to witness to folk at every opportunity. Our newspaper evangelism continues and has produced some comments and a couple of phone calls. We have heard from a young SBC licensed preacher who has recently come to understand the doctrine of grace. He was overjoyed to hear of our efforts in Poteau. He is attending university in a northern state, but has family and friends here about whom he cares. He read one of our newspaper articles and contacted me. We have sent him additional literature which has been well-received. Pray for this young man, please. The Lord knows his name.

One older local pastor phoned me and we hope to pursue contact with him. He seems to be sound on Church truth, pastoring an association church here in town. He doesn’t seem to understand much about grace, so please pray that we can have spiritually profitable conversations with him.

I have had a beginning conversation with my doctor about spiritual things. He was insistent in talking with me about Christmas and really surprised to learn that we do what the Bible says to do about it – nothing! I hope to talk more with him about the grace of God. Pray for Janet and me in these efforts. It seems that the whole area here is given over to easy-believe-ism. Charismatic churches abound and shallow, superficial preaching and teaching seems to be the order of the day here – even among those called Baptist.

As most of you know, Janet’s MRI showed that the tumor at the base of her brain is growing. Her dizziness and other symptoms are worse. She is taking a steroid in an effort to relieve the inflammation and swelling caused by the pressure exerted by this tumor. After three months another MRI will be made and it is then that she must make a decision as to whether to undergo surgery and radiation or not. Please pray for her, her doctors and me regarding these things. She continues faithful and does what she can!

Thank you all for your financial support and especially for your earnest prayers. Your intercessions on our behalf and the Romanian and Oklahoma aspects of our work are greatly appreciated! God bless!

In the cause of God and truth, Curtis and Janet
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