This site is not meant to be a divisive and contentious site. The purpose of this forum is to allow Sovereign Grace, Independent, Landmark, Missionary Baptists to meet one another and discuss the Bible in a friendly, Christ-like manner.
    Differences of opinions will be tolerated as long as they aren’t concerning major fundamentals of the faith (The Doctrines Of Grace, Church Truth, etc.).
    Posts which are heretical [in the opinion of the moderator (s)] will be deleted.  The poster will be warned once and banned after the second deletion.
    Posters will not be allowed to attack other posters.
    Foul language will not be tolerated.
    First time users will be required to register. Since this is a Christian forum we would expect users to put their REAL name in their profile.

  New Registration Process As Of 02/17/2007 

    Because of a recent surge of individuals who are registering only to get vulgar and profane URLs listed we will no longer permit new members to be automatically registered.
 For now two things will be implemented to prevent future abuse of the forum.
 1.) Only REAL user names will be accepted. No aliases will be registered. This is a Christian forum. If you are ashamed to have your name here then perhaps this is not a place you would enjoy anyway. We suggest some form of your real name i.e. JohnDoe, JaneDoe, etc. Single user names names and obviously fictitious user names will be automatically deleted.
 2.) If you desire to be a part of this forum then when you register you will provide the following information so that we may contact you and verify your registration.
 An mailing address that we can verify.
 A telephone number that we can verify.
 An e-mail that will accept from If you have a SPAM filter then you need to adjust it so that it will permit us to send you e-mails.
 After verifying that you are indeed who you say you are then we will complete your registration and delete the personal contact information from your profile. That information will NEVER be made available to anyone but the forum administrator and moderator. And if it checks out then it will be permanently deleted.
    When you fill out the registration form there will be ‘Location’, ‘Occupation’ & ‘Interests’ fields. In any of these you will provide the above information.
    We are distressed that it has come to this but we can not spend time unnecessarily tracking down and deleting those wicked individuals who, led by their sinful and depraved nature, abuse the forum and make it unpleasant for those who are thankful for it.
NOTE !!!
    This forum requires account activation by the administrator. Upon submission of the registration form an e-mail will be sent to them and you will be informed when your account has been activated. Until activation you will not be included in the members list or show up as the newest user. This avoids rewarding spam registrations.
   Spam registrations will not be visible in the members list or as the newest user!!!

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    If you agree to the above then click on the 'I Agree' link.
    You will be taken to a screen where you will see a login panel. DO NOT attempt to login at this point. You CAN NOT login until you have registered.
    In the upper right there is a 'Register' link. Click on this link and follow the directions.
    After completing the registration process we will verify your registration and proceed accordingly.
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